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The mid-range professional saws combine useful technology with minimum weight and are indispensable for many jobs on farms and in the forest. Their range of uses covers everything from thinning forest stands through cutting thin trees to felling trees in medium-density stands.

Stihl Chainsaws


Stihl MS201 T Top Handle Chainsaw

Stihl MS201T Chainsaw

Brief Specifications:

Dispacement: 35.2cc
12" cutting bar and chain
Weight: 3.7kg
Stihl top handle 201Tchainsaw

Stihl top handle chainsaws for use by trained personnel


Our Price: inc vat 12" Bar and Chain


Stihl MS261 CM Chainsaw

Stihl MS261 Chainsaw

Brief Specifications:

Dispacement: 52cc
18" cutting bar and chain
Weight: 5.2kg
Stihl MS261 CM Chainsaw

Stihl chainsaws for sale N Ireland


Our Price: inc vat 18" Bar and Chain


Stihl MS460 Chain saw

Stihl MS460 Chainsaw

Brief Specifications:

Dispacement: 76.5cc
25" cutting bar and chain
Weight: 6.6kg
Stihl MS460 Chain saw for sale

Stihl Chainsaws - rugged and well built


Our Price: inc vat 25" Bar and Chain


Stihl MS880 chainsaw

Stihl MS880 Chainsaw

Brief Specifications:

Dispacement: 121.6cc
25" cutting bar and chain
Weight: 9.8kg
Stihl MS880 chainsaw with 25 " bar

Stihl Professional Chainsaws - Made in Germany


Our Price: inc vat 25" Bar and Chain

Buy Stihl chainsaws Northern Ireland

***If you are registered for V.A.T. in Southern Ireland you may not have to pay Northern Ireland V.A.T. Saving you 20% - Click for details***


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