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We have a huge range of garden vacuums leaf blowers made by the world's leading manufacturers. We stock leaf blower and vacuum brands such as Husqvarna, Stihl, Echo, Billy goat and Weibang in our Newry store. We have been selling and servicing leaf blowers and vacuums in Northern Ireland for many years, learning which are reliable and what models to avoid. All our leaf blowers for sale are quality blowers, designed for frequent domestic and commercial use. We deliverleaf blowers to all of Ireland. Call us today and speak to any of our friendly sales team for a quote on any of our garden leaf blowers. From RoI 048(028) 302 66665 - If you wish to pick up a garden blower in store please call ahead to ensure it is in stock.

Stihl Leaf blowers for sale

Stihl leaf blowers for sale

Stihl BGA45 Cordless blower

Stihl BGA57 Battery Blower Kit

Stihl BGA45 blower
Stihl BGA56 blower
Integrated battery - not removable
AK20 Battery and Charger included
Ideal for small areas
Max. Airflow m³/h 600
Charge time 300mins / Run time approx 10 mins
Approx run time 25 mins on low speed

Stihl BG56

Stihl BG86

Stihl BG56CE
Stihl BG86CE
27.2cc engine displacement
27.2cc engine displacement
Weight: 4.2kg
Weight: 4.5kg
Max. Air throughput m³/h: 730
Max. Air throughput m³/h: 810
***Delivery to anywhere in Ireland just £10***
Stihl SH56 vacuum Stihl SH86 CE Shredder vacuum
27.2cc engine displacement
27.2cc engine displacement
Weight: 5.7kg
Weight: 5.7kg
Max. Air throughput m³/h: 710
Max. Air throughput m³/h: 770

Stihl BR430

Stihl BR350 leaf blower
Stihl BR430 blower
63.3cc engine displacement
63.3cc engine displacement
Weight: 10.1kg
Weight: 10.3kg
Max. Air throughput m³/h: 1150
Max. Air throughput m³/h: 1300

Stihl BR600 Magnum

Stihl BR700

Stihl BR600 Magnum blower
Stihl BR700 blower
64.8cc engine displacement
64.8cc engine displacement
Weight: 9.8kg
Weight: 10.8kg
Max. Air throughput m³/h: 1720
Max. Air throughput m³/h: 1860

Stihl BR800

Stihl BR450 CEF Button start

Stihl BR800 blower
Stihl BR450 CEF blower
79.9cc engine displacement
63.3cc engine displacement
Blowing force 41N
Max. Air Speed at Nozzle - 222mph

Echo leaf blowers

Echo leaf blowers for sale in Ireland

Echo PB2520

Echo PB2620

Echo PB2520 Leaf blower
Echo PB2620 Leaf blower
25.4cc high performance
25.4cc Professional engine
Weight: 3.9kg
Weight: 4.4kg
76m/s air speed
76m/s air speed

Echo PB580 Back pack blower

Echo PB770 Back pack blower

Echo PB580 back pack blower
Echo PB770 back pack blower
58.2cc High grade engine
63.6cc Professional X-Series engine
Weight: 10.3kg
Weight: 11kg
96.4m/s air speed
104.6echo-pb770m/s air speed

Echo PB8010 Back pack blower

Echo PB8010 Leaf blower
79.9cc Professional X-Series engine
Weight: 11.2kg
94.5 m/s air speed
1818m3/h Air volume
Delivery to anywhere in Ireland only £10

Husqvarna leaf blowers

Husqvarna leaf blowers for sale

Husqvarna 125B

Husqvarna 125BVx

Husqvarna 125B leaf blower
Husqvarna 125BVx leaf vacuum
28cc engine displacement
28cc engine displacement
Weight: 4.2kg
Weight: 4.35kg
76m/s air speed
Comes with vacuum kit

Husqvarna 350BT

Husqvarna 570BTS

Husqvarna 350bt leaf blower
Husqvarna 570bts
50.2cc engine displacement
65.6cc engine displacement
Weight: 10.2kg
Weight: 11.2kg
80.47m/s air speed
105.6m/s air speed

Husqvarna 580BTS

Husqvarna 580bts leaf blower
75.6cc engine displacement
Weight: 11.8kg
92.2 m/s air speed
Delivery to anywhere in Ireland only £10

Ego cordless leaf blower

Battery Powered leaf blowers Ireland

Ego LB5301E Kit

Ego LB5804E Kit

Ego LB5301 Leaf blower THB260PF
Ego LB5800e blower
2.5 ah battery and charger included
5 ah battery and charger included
Up to 900m3/h in boost mode / 440m3/h in low speed
Up to 986m3/h in boost mode / 270km/h boost
Battery life: Up to 75 mins in low speed
Battery life: Up to 100 mins in low speed (2.5ah battery)
LB5300E Bare Unit - £169 inc vat
LB5800E Bare Unit - £209 in vat

Ego LB6002E back pack battery blower

Ego LB6002E BAttery back pack blower
5.0 ah battery and charger included
Up to 1020m3/h in boost mode / 440m3/h in low speed
Battery life: Up to 120 mins in low speed
LB6000E Bare Unit - £249 in vat


Makita and Gardencare leaf blowers for sale

Gardencare Blower Vacuum

Makita BHX2501

Gardencare leaf blower
Makita Leaf blower
26cc engine displacement
24.5cc engine displacement
Weight: 4.2kg
Weight: 4.4kg
Comes with vacuum kit included
4 stroke engine - no mixing

Billy goat wheeled lawn vacuums Ireland

Billy Goat Leaf Vacuums for sale Ireland

Billy Goat LB352

Billy Goat KV601

Billy goat LB352 leaf vacuum
Billy Goat KV601 leaf vacuum
Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke engine
Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke engine
158cc engine
190cc engine
20 inch working width
27 inch working width
105 litre collection bag
150 litre collection bag
Maximum performance 743 cfm
Maximum performance 1700 cfm
8 height settings
4 height settings
£750 inc vat
£1450 inc vat

Billy Goat KV601 SP

Hecht 8680SE Sweeper

Billy Goat KV601SP Leaf vacuum
Hecht 8680 Sweeper
Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke engine
196cc Engine
190cc engine
80cm working width
27 inch working width
Nylon brush
150 litre collection bag
Easy adjustable brush - left and right
Maximum performance 1700 cfm
4 forward gears and 2 reverse
Self propelled
Self propelled
4 height settings
Collector bin included at this price
£1850 inc vat


Weibang WBLV506C

Weibang WBLV506C Leaf vacuum
163cc Loncin engine
32 inch working width
240 litre collection bag
Adjustable height control
Self propelled
Wander hose included free of charge
£1290 inc vat

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