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Husqvarna Rider Mower R111B5

Rider 111B5 belongs to the new 100-series of articulated Riders. Developed with the homeowners in mind whose gardens have outgrown their push mower or those who want to take a step up to a more manoeuvrable and comfortable front-mounted mower.

As all true members of the Rider family equipped with the Husqvarna unique articulated steering system which enable the Riders typically and exceptional manoeuvrability. The front-mounted deck together with the rear-mounted engine enable optimized overview and gives off less noise and emissions for the driver.

Husqvarna ride on mower

Buy a Husqvarna Rider 111B5 in Ireland
Powerbuilt Briggs and Stratton 344cc engine
Splash lubricated
Power Output: 6.8kW
12 volt battery
Manual transmission
5 forward gears / 1 reverse
Husqvarna Articulated steering system
Pivoting rear axle
R111B5 Husqvarna for sale
33.5 inch BioClip 85 cutting deck
Stamped steel deck
7 Cutting height options
25mm to 70mm
Automatic blade engagement when the deck is lowered
Low centre of gravity
Rear mounted engine - giving a better view of your cutting area
Husqvarna R111B5 mower
Uncut Circle of 30cm
Ground clearance of 120mm or 4.7 inches
Wheelbase of 80cm or 31.5 inches
Suspension mounted seat
Cup holder included
Controls side mounted for easy reach

Our Husqvarna Rider R111B5 can be delivered to anywhere in Ireland - fully assembled, oiled and ready for cutting

Husqvarna Rider R111B5
Husqvarna R111B5 easy to use in the garden
Husqvarna Rider R111B5 reaches places other mowers can't
Easy to use lawnmower
Easily mow around objects
Reach even hard to get to places

Husqvarna R111B5 Rider mower price :£2230.00 inc vat

To order this lawn mower, or if you have any questions contact us on 004428 3026 6665
This lawn mower will be available in our Warrenpoint store from February 2012

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